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It’s not in a nurse’s nature to quit, but thousands of us did. Something needs to change. Read the unResignation letter and sign yours.

Your unresignation letter

From Nurses To Healthcare Leaders

Dear Healthcare Leaders,

The essence of my job is to make sure my patients don't quit.

Don't quit fighting. Don't quit smiling. Don't quit believing.

But in the past few years, being a nurse became something else. To provide care, I had to risk my own care. Making it impossible for me to truly be there and help my patients. So I had to do something that goes against my nature:

I quit.

Thousands of us did. We quit our jobs. But we're still nurses, and we never quit believing.

Believing in a system that provides us with true flexibility and understands our worth. That allows us to balance work & life, and respects us as professionals and as human beings. That's what empowers us to be the best nurses that we can be. Benefiting everyone. You. Me. Our patients.

This is the healthcare I want to come back to. This is the healthcare over 60% of nurses* want to come back to.

If you also believe that change is possible, please accept this letter as my unresignation.

I never quit believing, and I want my patients to know that.


This letter was co-written with connectRN's community of nurses.

* McKinsey Frontline Workforce Survey - 2022: More than 60% of nurses agree that safety, flexibility and a positive environment are the most important factors to keep nurses in nursing.

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